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Meet your Chiropractors

Before you walk into the office, please take some time to meet our team of Chiropractors, Dr. Kelly Beanland, Dr. Gary Smith and Dr. Anthea Todd, Dr. Antra Der Tateossian and our friendly Chiropractic Assistants, Kylie, Isabel and Sarah.
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Dr. Kelly Beanland, Chiropractor, Hunter Healthy Spines, East Maitland

Dr Kelly Beanland


Kelly grew up in country Victoria and graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne. Since then, Kelly has completed her 8th year in practice, enjoying it more so than the first year, helping families along their health journies. She has been a regular chiropractic patient for her entire life and has experienced first hand how important chiropractic is to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In her first few years of practice, Kelly completed her postgraduate training in Chiropractic Neuro developmental Paediatrics. This training and further professional development helped to fuel the question”how does our brain work?” and further use chiropractic to help shape, change and develop children’s nervous systems.

Kelly’s passion in practice has always been seeing infants, children and pregnant women and is always using new and innovative methods of natural health care to help build healthy, happy families. In addition to seeing many paediatric patients, Kelly loves seeing patients of all ages and thrives off coaching and educating all her patients how to be well in all areas of health including the physical, chemical and emotional. She is particularly interested in how stress to our nervous system can be the root cause of many health issues, from autoimmune conditions to infertility and hormonal imbalances.

When Kelly is not adjusting patients, doing workshops or public talks, you will often find her at the beach with her dog, Asha, playing basketball, at the gym, yoga, the pool or traveling to a new and exciting place.

Dr. Greg Smith, Chiropractor, Hunter Healthy Spines, East Maitland

Dr Anthea Todd


Anthea is originally from country town near the beach and mountains called, Sale in Victoria. She comes from a long line of Chiropractors with both of her parents, 2 of her siblings and multiple aunties, uncles and cousins all being Chiropractors too. In fact when Dr Kelly first graduated, she worked alongside Anthea’s parents for many years before moving to Newcastle.

In the beginning of 2020, wanted a change, and was tossing up between moving to Newcastle or London. She chose London, and like many things in 2020, it didn’t work out for her… But Anthea is super excited to take on the new adventure of Newcastle and become involved in our amazing community.

Clinically Anthea has a special interest in supporting women throughout their life with their changing health, from; fertility and period issues, menopause, pregnancy and more, she enjoys looking after people of all ages.
She is currently studying her Masters In Women’s Health Medicine at UNSW and has her own online business (The State Of Me) where she supports and educates women on how to ‘Be More You’, by understanding the changing demands of our bodies as we age.
She is also the Daughter of Dr Wayne Todd, the author of ‘SD Protocol’ and as such, as travelled around Australia helping to train practitioners in the SD Protocol.

Between working in the clinic as a Chiropractor, Studying and educating online, Anthea loves her sport and the outdoors, in-particular; Touch rugby, Soccer, Triathlons (if she’s been training) and the beach. She’s excited to join some local teams up here and to meet all of you.

Dr. Greg Smith, Chiropractor, Hunter Healthy Spines, East Maitland

Dr Antra Der Tateossian


 As an undergraduate in Medical Science, Antra came to realise there was something missing from conventional health care – especially as he watched his extended family endure life-long chronic pain. This drew him towards becoming a chiropractor, studying at Sydney’s Macquarie University. 

As he progressed through his education, Antra was awakened to the power and impact chiropractic has on people’s health and wellbeing – how activating a patient’s nervous system can help them thrive and achieve their health goals. As president of the Chiropractic Students Association, he was able to spread the message about the immense benefits of chiropractic care for all age groups and conditions. He has an holistic approach, and is passionate about educating patients to embrace the healthiest lifestyle choices possible. 

When he’s not in the office, you can find Antra bushwalking, canoeing, rock climbing, swimming, practicing yoga or exploring new and exciting places. He’s super-excited to join local clubs, teams and meet heaps of new people in Maitland.

Dr. Greg Smith, Chiropractor, Hunter Healthy Spines, East Maitland

Dr Germaine


*Dr. Germaine Graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of
Medical Science in 1997 and a Masters in Chiropractic from Macquarie
University in 2003.
*She began her private practice in 2004 in North shore, CBD and Eastern
Suburbs of Sydney .

*Her focus is to treat her patents holistically and assessing at the implications of neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions to assess the cause not just the symptoms for:

• pain management
• physical conditioning
• Chemical toxicity and nutrition
• emotional and mental well-being

*Dr Germaine has an interest in chronic pain management and ant- ageing biohacking so her
patents experience peak performance at every phase of life.
*She has co-authored a New York Times Best Seller wit Dr Deepak Chopra featuring her as the
Wellness Expert Chiropractic Dr.
*She has treated families, women, elite athletes, stressed out corporate managers and business
owners as well as dancers.
*Dr Germaine has also been a clinical specialist for medical devices in NSW/ACT hospitals
working in the following medical specialities: Orthopaedics, Plastics (Aesthetics, Reconstructive &
Burns), Neurosurgery, Paediatrics, Cardio-thoracic, Maxilo-facial, Colorectal, General, Spinal &
Laproscopic procedures.
*Outside of work she enjoys dancing (Salsa, Bachata, Tango & latin), reading, traveling and
spending time wit family & friends.
* Her Life’s mission is to transform people’s lives to master healthy living and enjoy a successful
and accomplished life without pain.

Kylie Rose, Practice Manager Hunter Healthy Spines, East Maitland

Gareth Salkield
Accredited Practising Dietitian

Gareth is an accredited practicing dietitian with over 9 years of experience, and a credentialed diabetes educator (CDE). Gareth’s experience has given him first-hand understanding of the impact good nutrition has on performance. He’s passionate about helping initiate improvements in your nutrition and lifestyle choices to optimise and maintain excellent health. Gareth knows outstanding health stems from optimal nutrition – from pre-conception right through to the far end of life.

Changes to improve health can be made at any time, and will result in a better life – including prevention of, or excellent management of chronic health conditions. Gareth will assist in the achievement of peak health; a long, active life not defined by disease or loss of ability.

Gareth’s interests include stand-up paddle boarding, kite surfing, high-performance cars and boats – lifestyles he doesn’t ever want to give up due to poor health!

Dr. Greg Smith, Chiropractor, Hunter Healthy Spines, East Maitland

Amanda Russell

Massage Therapist

Amanda’s interest in massage was sparked when she was sprinting, and having constant issues with injuries. She started studying strength & conditioning, fitness and then massage. Having a strong sports background, learning all the aspects of recovery, maintenance and conditioning was important to Amanda.

As the years passed and Amanda became a mum, she dived into learning about, and training in, pre and post natal care. As she became more aware of the changes her body was going through, and how she now needed to modify how she trained and recovered, the more Amanda became determined to help others to care for their bodies. Amanda’s massage qualifications are in Relaxation (Swedish), Remedial, Pregnancy, Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage, with more than 10 years experience.

In addition to her massage therapy, Amanda is a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Athletics and Run Coach. Parenting her daughter Audrey is almost a full time job!

Kylie Rose, Practice Manager Hunter Healthy Spines, East Maitland

Sarah Bailey
Practice Manager

As a mother, wife and local community member with 20 years experience in
pharmacy our chiropractic assistant Sarah is passionate about providing a
holistic approach to healthcare.
Sarah believes to obtain optimum health, wellbeing and happiness we must
care for the whole person by providing solutions for physical, mental,
spiritual and social needs as these aspects together affect your overall
In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, playing with her
daughter, swimming, gardening and cooking.

Isabel McKeller, Chiropractic Assistant, Hunter Healthy Spines, East Maitland

Isabel McKeller
Chiropractic Assistant

 A Maitland local, Issy is committed to caring for those in our community in her new role.

Three interesting things about Isabel: 
   – She received a kindness award in high school after being nominated by a friend,

   – She has received chiropractic care with Gary since she was 15

   – Her favourite university subject was Musculoskeletal Anatomy!

Isabel McKeller, Chiropractic Assistant, Hunter Healthy Spines, East Maitland

Skye James
Chiropractic Assistant


Skye was born and raised in the Hunter, and now lives with her amazing partner and two beautiful children on a farm with their two dogs, Rocky and Ralph.

Skye is passionate about health and the human body and loves to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She is excited to be apart of the Hunter Healthy Spines team and in her free time you’ll find her mountain biking with her family, camping and practicing yoga.


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