With the focus on Women’s Health Week, it’s timely to consider the impact of overwhelm, busy-ness, social lives, financial stress, career and family commitments on our wellbeing. As women (not saying that men don’t, they sure do!) we go to bed with a constant list of jobs, to-do lists, tomorrows’ agenda and ‘what ifs’ running through our heads. Switching off, rejuvenating and recovery have come to be seen as a waste of time, or something we DON’T HAVE the time for.

This has to change….and the time is now.

Dr Gary Smith I recently attended the Sports Chiropractic Association (SCA) Strength and Conditioning Conference in Sydney, and had the privilege of listening to David Joyce’s presentation titled “The Calf – from Ping to Performance”. David is head of Athletic Performance with the Greater Western Sydney Giants AFL team, and in his discussion he outlined […]