Journaling and Dealing with COVID Odds are you write (or type) thousands of words a day. Either at work, writing your to-do list, messaging your mates or even a little “Y” texting back your Chiro that you will be at your next adjustment. But, like most people today you only record the bare minimum. Would […]

A short video with chiropractor Dr Gary Smith and clients, discussing tips for injury prevention, healthy lifestyle practices, and proactive living and ageing.

With the focus on Women’s Health Week, it’s timely to consider the impact of overwhelm, busy-ness, social lives, financial stress, career and family commitments on our wellbeing. As women (not saying that men don’t, they sure do!) we go to bed with a constant list of jobs, to-do lists, tomorrows’ agenda and ‘what ifs’ running through our heads. Switching off, rejuvenating and recovery have come to be seen as a waste of time, or something we DON’T HAVE the time for.

This has to change….and the time is now.

Dr Gary Smith I recently attended the Sports Chiropractic Association (SCA) Strength and Conditioning Conference in Sydney, and had the privilege of listening to David Joyce’s presentation titled “The Calf – from Ping to Performance”. David is head of Athletic Performance with the Greater Western Sydney Giants AFL team, and in his discussion he outlined […]